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By p11andy
Hi folks , I’m looking to buy an intercepter tt7 road scrambler and a fireball 250 scrambler , would anyone have these for sale please ? Can collect from anywhere in uk .
Thanks andy
07976167778 if no answer leave message as out of country at the mo.
By Mark M
Yep, US variant only I think, like a 250 Trials but used the 5 speed gearbox for some reason. I can't see any of those surviving! I know someone who is (slowly) rebuilding one. As usual these are not well documented, no parts books and bits hard to find. By the way, I seem to recall p11andy asking for Interceptors before but he never came back to us? Maybe a dealer?

REgards, Mark
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By Adrian
I checked on, for 1959 there was a Hounds Arrow 250 in off-road trim and a Fire Arrow roadster, both Indian-badged and Crusader based but with 19" wheels, possibly before the 5 speed boxes. You might be able to build a decent replica around a Crusader.

By p11andy
Thanks for the reply’s ! I’m not a dealer ! I suppose I made a mistake in reading ‘ the mighty intercepter ‘ whilst on holiday , I got the book when I purchased my Mk 11 last year , and have now read up on different variants of the intercepter and would like a mk1a to add to my collection of bikes .
I’m very off road orientated , so agin whilst reading the book saw an ad for the fireball scrambler and was seeing if and what was availble ?

Andy ( Singapore , soon to be
back to freeeezing uk !)
By Mark M
Sorry Andy, now you have explained the cause of your addiction I totally understand! I got the bug reading an article about the Series 2 Interceptor in Classic Bike magazine and it's grown from there. As it happens I might know someone with an early 1A for sale, I will ask if it still is available and if so you can email me for the details.

REgards, Mark
By Cleggy
I've been thinking of letting my last Mk1A go. I have one too many bikes. It did about 50 miles last year. I prefer my N15CS. It be a good 'un though, with price to match.
By p11andy
thanks for the reply folks , i can't figure out how to reply to individual posters so here's my e mail address , if you would be so kind as to mail me with details of the bike you have/maybe have for sale , :) thanks andy

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