Maybe the mix of aluminium, copper and steel, left alone for a long time, has caused electrolytic corrosion, vinegar or lemon juice may get in, or if you are careful, battery acid.
All I can suggest is plenty of patience, Plus Gas, and gentle persuasion by tapping with something plastic and twisting if it will. Once it has moved the penetrant will get in, just don't be tempted to wedge it off with a screwdriver.
Good Luck !
By Jamesy
One and a half turns out on the carb pilot screw is not how I remember it.In fact it was two and a half on the micarb that I had.If you don't have a service manual there's a set up procedure.Pete Snidals free download manual is a good place too start.
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By Slappy
Woop Woop at long last got the formidable timing cover is off, still it battled to the last, the remains of the bolt was nicely rusted hence it's not wanting to be parted from it's old friend, unfortunately the timing cover has succumbed to the dreaded drill bit and will now become another piece of garage wall art, now to start searching for a replacement cover that I can fit our hosts nice new high capacity pumps and English built shaft into
the saga continues
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By Adrian
Slappy, that damaged cover could still be useful to me, I could give you a few bob for it. Can't discuss sale of parts here, but if you e-mail my spam trap b44ea(at)hotmail(dot)com we might come to some agreement, perhaps?


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