Hey Guys,

Been reading around a bit and just wanted to double check I am understanding correctly...

I'm wiring up a year 2000 Indian import Bullet 500, with a Boyer power box, and I've got a 4 wire alternator. I'd like to just use DC for all circuits via the power box.

Am I right in thinking, I can link 2 pairs of the alternator wires and feed them all into the Powerbox's 2 yellow wires? My alternator's wire colours are BLACK, RED, YELLOW and ORANGE (and understand that the black and red are often both purple, as it is further into my loom)....so black and yellow together and red and orange together and then those into the power box's yellow inputs?

Am I missing anything? Or am I heading in the right direction? Its a total rewire, with new aftermarket lights and switches and ignition.

Thank you for any information or advice
A common upgrade, as explained in the Pete Snidal Bullet manual.

I found this diagram on the US RE forum, it might help! The gentleman who put this together has the amber(orange) wire joined to the red and the yellow wire joined to the black, the same as you are suggesting.

If for any reason that doesn't work, just try a new two-wire Lucas stator, which should fit right on. The Indian alternators are basically Lucas copies.

Bullet circuit.jpg
I've never seen that colour combination of wires on a classic (cast iron cylinder barrel) Bullet alternator, but I have a nagging feeling that some Electra-X and Indian home-market 350 Electras with TCI ignition have them, but these have a different type of alternator from the Lucas-style on older Bullets.

Exactly what model of Bullet have you got, John?

Yeah, I didn't come across those colour combos in any of my research.

For what its worth... on my Indian import Bullet 500, I followed a version of the wiring above (I've got a battery-less boyer system) and although I haven't fired it yet, I turned it over with the plug on the head and got a nice fat spark. So for that model, and any that have the same style alternator, that set up does work.
The Boyer Power Box regulator/rectifier has a capacitor built-in, which makes battery-less running possible - your alternator sounds like it's in good condition, too.

Points ignition is happier with this set-up than some after-market electronic ignitions are.

The Indian RE factory also brought out its own CDI ignition, used on some home-market 350s during the naughties. The sparks on these are totally independent of the rest of the electrics.

Hi All
I'm using the 'High output Stator' bought here.
Two purple and White/Green, Yellow,green.
Both windings produce AC, so I put a purple with the W/G and one with the Y/G
I get 4.8v DC out of the Powerbox DC when I kick her over.
Not enough to spark.
I'm now bobbing her for posing reasons
Oh, not another one. :roll: How about something more original?

Meanwhile, back at your alternator, if it's one of our hosts' high-output replacement for the Indian 4 wire stators, you need to contact them so that you can get the right wires paired up.


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