By John-M
I know you haven't asked for this advice, but if you are new to sidecars please take care, they are evil handling beasts and can catch you out.
They have a tendency to plow straight on at left hand bends if you brake or slow down, this is compounded as the natural reaction is to slow when you get into trouble which compounds the problem as the bike needs to travel faster than the sidecar to turn left.
If you have the option of a side car brake, go for it, not for stopping, but for steering, particularly when descending a hill.
If you take them off road you can roll them as well, but that is another story.
Yes, as well as bolting them together, the angles do need to be right. Mine was put together by Watsonian Squire and is really easy. But you still have to get used to the differences in turning left or right. I put several gallons of water in plastic petrol cans in the sidecar nose as ballast till I was comfortable. Also practised in a very open area getting the chair in the air so I know what it felt like.

Lots of interesting stuff on u-tube, but be careful if it's an American or European site, as they may have left and right the other way round!

Now..... I love it!

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