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By Boxerman
A note to the mods on this forum. I run a forum for a small motorhome club. As it is closed to members only, I check all applications to join to make sure that they are current club members.

For the last week or so I've been getting many applications which are apparently coming from Romania, despite proposed user name like California Mike, or Latin girl - there was also a Sauron would you believe?

These are coming in regularly on an average of 12 per day, every day.

It looks like there is a concerted effort going on to infiltrate groups for data mining or something?

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By Wheaters
Yes, I also run a small car club's forum. I'm forever deleting stuff that's obviously phishing, scamming, or even threatening/blackmail attempts. Some include semi-pornographic selfie photos of women allegedly looking for partners (yes, right)! These emails often outnumber genuine emails from actual club members.

My wife has a small business and her website she has been plagued with all sorts of evil stuff, including one very threatening email from a purported gang boss who told her she would suffer an acid attack unless she paid a bitcoin ransom. The police were informed of that one. We were told by the police that this sort of thing is rife. :evil:

She's now in the process of closing the site altogether :x
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By Chris [Stockport]
Not the same but watch for it if you're in a hurry or whatever:

They ring up and say your internet will be cut off unless you press 1 for BT internet or 2 for all others. Or something like that.

We've had that one twice and fortunately, according to the real Operator, didn't press anything but just hung up.

It's bad enough remembering all the normal things I have to do.....

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