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By Jamesy
I have just been quoted £580 to transport a bike 420
miles from Bournemouth to Ayrshire.Dont know if that
includes their overnight stay in a five star Hotel.Anyone
know cheaper transport.Its a minefield of operators out
there and I don't fancy the motorway miles on a bullet 500.
By Jamesy
Aye it must have been their overnight stop in a
five star hotel included in there quote of £ is already quoting £200 cheaper.
Thanks for that rushour.
By sofiaspin
I have had Bullets ferried from London and South West England to Glasgow for £150 - - is the site I have used.
By mart
I have also used shiply several times. Like eBay in reverse. Quotes start off high and couriers bid against each other for the work.
By ericpode
I think you would be well advised to only use a carrier who specialises in bikes and knows how to handle them.
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By ed.lazda
The Bike Bus is a Scottish outfit, covers the whole country, shipped a bike from Cornwall to Berwick upon Tweed for £180 two years ago, very helpful and efficient.
By ChrisD
A bit of a sidestep, guys, but on the same track - maybe you could comment.
I have seen bikes transported tied down, not on a stand, but with the ties in tension against the suspension. Someone once said this is not good for either forks or shocks as it promotes wear spots. Considering the short period of transport (on my 1996 Bullet, usually from nearby-to-home after the next breakdown) compared to the usual amount of time on the road or in the garage, is this true?
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By Rushour
My opinion is that is a little over the top - how else are you supposed to secure a bike? you could also say that leaving a bike stood for a while will give the tyres a flat spot?

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