By 73a
i have a g2 frame and looking for a swinging arm to suit . i am not looking to make 100 % authentic , please can someone tell me can i fit a newer 350 cast iron bullet swinging arm to the G2 frame or any other Royal enfield swinging arm ?

many thanks ng
By Adrian
Interesting Stewarts Lane reference, there, 73a?

As far as the later Redditch frames are concerned you can fit the Indian pre-EFI swinging arm in with careful choice of pin, thrust washers and 1/2" spacers to get everything to line up, I have done this for three anglo-indian Bitsas now.

Does your G2 frame have the same type of welded gusset as the Madras versions? I have a '94 Indian Bullet frame hanging up in the garage, I can measure between the plates for you. I've a pretty shrewd Idea that you will be able to get an Indian swinging arm in there, but let me get back to you in a day or two.

By Adrian
I have just got back in from checking my '94 Indian Bullet frame.

The swinging arm mounting plates have additional plate reinforcement welded on the inside, which I'm guessing correspond roughly to the Redditch swinging arm thrust washers, the distance between the inner edges of these reinforcing plates with the swinging arm bolted in place is 194mm, as accurately as I can measure.

The Indian swinging arm pin is 1/2" diameter, but the 50's Bullet had a larger O/D swinging arm pin, 9/16". On my later framed bitsas I used the later Interceptor thrust washers, part no. 33787, the Interceptor uses a 1/2" diameter pin and metalastic swinging arm bushes.

More modern Indian Bullets have metalastic swinging arm bushes with protruding inner steel bushes. As far as I can tell these bind against the inner reinforcing plates when the swinging arm pin/bolt is tightened up, with clearance for the outer bush and its housing in the swinging arm itself to pivot against the rubber in torsion. If your G2 frame is narrower, you might be able to shorten the inner bushes SLIGHTLY providing you don't lose clearance.

Another thing to watch for is the width of the swinging arm where the bottom shock absorber studs are fitted. On the later Redditch frames the bottom mounts are further apart than on the Indian Bullet, not by a spectacular amount, but enough to have slight fun and games shortening bottom shock absorber bushes and fitting a spacer behind each shock absorber bottom eye to get everything nice and vertical. I am hoping in your case that the pre-56 Reddich swinging arm and the more modern version from India are more alike in that respect.

Is the plan to use an Indian Bullet back wheel? Ease of availability, etc...

By John-M
The indian swinging arm will fit the Redditch frames except the ones that have the cast swinging arm pivot.
You need to use the pivot washers from the later Crusader / Continental GT to accommodate the silent-block bushes. (SWINGING ARM THRUST WASHER Product code: 46265)
You will find that the shock absorber mounts are 6mm further out on both sides for some reason. I you look at the Indian frames, their top shock mount is offset by 6mm where as the Reditch ones are central to the frame tube.
By Adrian
The Crusader thrust washers look identical to the Interceptor items I fitted, so there could be a bit of a choice. Sounds like some adjustment of the shock absorber mounting/spacers will definitely be in order.

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By Chris Tindal
I found it easier to fit an early Redditch swinging arm to keep the shock mounts compatible. You can however fit the Indian QR rear hub to an early swinging arm by opening out the RH slot by 2mm.
By Adrian
I notice that out hosts actually have some second-hand early Redditch Bullet swinging arms in stock, look for USED2693.

However, if the India swinging arm is readily available (and maybe cheaper!) there shouldn't be any insurmountable issues.


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