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By windmill john
Not sure who did it. I left out some cookies and a glass of warm milk, but that’s still there.

As you can see from the pictures, my chain is well lubed, no leak from the gear box end.... who’s lubing my chain!

Had my bike, 4 speed, kickstart for about a month. Unless it’s holding its initial lube well! Where’s it coming from!?

I’ts almost as if its got an invisible Scottoiler.
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By windmill john
Possibly. But I have used it for work a few times, so about 150 miles so far. I guess when I see that figure, it’s not high, using my other bike more.

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By windmill john
Posted the same time! The breather goes along the rear fender to the back. The timing cover breather has been capped off, just visible at 7:00 o’clock by the distributor.
By mauri
the oil/grease creeps its way out between the oil seal and the mainshaft.
it then goes on the sprocket where it gets distributed on to the chain.

when i still rode my bullet with the 4speed gearbox i never greased my chain.
just had to add grease/oil to the gearbox and the gearbox did the rest.

this is also the reason that a destroyed my new sprockets and chain in a short time when i bolted on the 5peed, simply never had to grease the chain on the bullet before that.
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By windmill john
If that’s the case, I’ll leave it as a benefit. If it gets worse, then I can look at the seal.

Thanks for that.

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