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By windmill john
Thanks Adrian.

Obviously the bike came with this monobloc installed by the PO. The only info I can find is that it makes starts easier.
I’ve only ridden it for one day, so looking forward to see it goes.
By Lou E
If you decide to lose the choke pull the slide and spring out and take off the cable and lever. Plug up the hole the cable ran through or you will have an air leak. The heat Dam (spacer is necessary to keep the carb temperature down. I have a single carb interceptor, and I added a float bowl extender like yours. The bike ran poorly when warm, the carb is out of the airstream and the bowl extender allowed more time for the furl in the bowl to heat up. Monitor the carb temp by feeling it when stopped...
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By windmill john
Thanks Lou.

Just a small (I’m an idiot) point from earlier, my reserve tap does work, reserve is up! Obviously an after market tap as I was going by the owners manual :roll:

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