Hey Guys,

Been reading around a bit and just wanted to double check I am understanding correctly...

I'm wiring up a year 2000 Indian import Bullet 500, with a Boyer power box, and I've got a 4 wire alternator. I'd like to just use DC for all circuits via the power box.

Am I right in thinking, I can link 2 pairs of the alternator wires and feed them all into the Powerbox's 2 yellow wires? My alternator's wire colours are BLACK, RED, YELLOW and ORANGE (and understand that the black and red are often both purple, as it is further into my loom)....so black and yellow together and red and orange together and then those into the power box's yellow inputs?

Am I missing anything? Or am I heading in the right direction? Its a total rewire, with new aftermarket lights and switches and ignition.

Thank you for any information or advice
A common upgrade, as explained in the Pete Snidal Bullet manual.

I found this diagram on the US RE forum, it might help! The gentleman who put this together has the amber(orange) wire joined to the red and the yellow wire joined to the black, the same as you are suggesting.

If for any reason that doesn't work, just try a new two-wire Lucas stator, which should fit right on. The Indian alternators are basically Lucas copies.

Bullet circuit.jpg

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