Hello everybody.
I have a 2016 Royal Enfield classic, and I have a doubt.
This week I fit the 19t sprocket in my motorbike for have a low RPM cruiser, I got a improvement but it is not enough. I feel the bike needs an extra gear. For fit a 20t sprocket I need to modify the sprocket space...and I don't like the idea. I look the rear sprocket (have a drum brake) and is impossible to fit one with less size. I think that my motorbike will be happy with a bigger rear wheel. I doubt if i can fit a 19" rear wheel (now it has a 18"), or the bigger wheel touch the rear mudguard... could you guide me?

Going up from an 18" rear wheel to 19" means the tyre radius will only increase by 1/2" or 12.7mm if you have the same section tyre. The Tyre manufacturers's website should list the diameters of all their tyres.


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