My recently purchased 1955 G2 has one of the studs holding the exhaust rocker block snapped below the casting, I believe two more have stripped threads on the head. The cylinder head already has a spark plug insert repair. I am wondering if I should have the cylinder head repaired or try and source a cheap second hand replacement. I have been advised that Indian cylinder heads may not be good quality - I'm not sure if this is true or not. I'm pretty sure the cylinder head is alloy. Any thoughts from experienced heads would be most welcome.
If it's a "good" head otherwise, I'd be tempted to just go the whole hog, get it fixed and fit inserts on all the remaining studs before they go.

It might be a good job to take to a light engineering shop with a GOOD pillar drill/mill though (unless you have your own). If they know they're going to be fitting inserts, they'll be able to line it all up, clamp it down onto a level bed and drill out the broken stud in no time. Also gets the holes tapped in bang on square, my local guy puts the tap in the drill chuck he just drilled the hole with and winds it down by hand.

A head with inserts all round is probably less likely to have a problem than a standard one. If you're going to put fine pitch threads into alloy, at least the larger diameter of the insert will spread the load over a larger surface area.

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