By Lee June woo
HI from South Korea. I need 'Royal' Enfielder`s help.

I got some noise problem from engine.

my enfield is 2006 Indian made 5 speed E-start export spec cast iron model.

and tuning status is :

Last week, I installed 8.5:1 Piston 535 barrel kit, brand new cylinder head and aluminium push rod from Hitchcocks.
oh and one more thing, I changed drive sprocket 17t to 20t

I adjusted pushrod and solved all other engine noisy but still I can`t found the cause of sounds like Piston touching Valve.

actually I checked valve and piston but there was no sign of crash between piston and valve.


sounds are came up when I pull the throttle and give a load to engine hardly at 4 or 5 speed(high RPM or High torque)
this is the Video
you can hear the noise precisely at 0:01 ~ 0:03.

Is this sounds caused by piston touching valve? than crank can be the main problem?

I surely solved pushrod rocker or timing side noises. that sound only came up when I pull the throttle hardly or Up hill.

please let me know how can I solve this problem and sorry for my poor English.
By Andy C

This sounds to me like over advanced ignition as you say it only happens with the engine under load.

Solution is simple, retard the ignition slightly until you reach a point where it no longer makes the noise, so retard a little and ride, if it still does it, retard a little more .

In the UK this noise is usually called Pinking and is caused by the mixture being ignited too early by the spark plug which is why you have to retard the ignition to make the plug ignite the mixture slightly later.

Let us know how you get on.
By Lee June woo

Your suggestion was very efficient.

Today I adjust ignition timing dish.

ex-owner broke the helix so I realize that today. however I fixed it.

before adjust position of dish.



Insert the helicoil

That moment dish turned clockwise However I rotate the dish counterclockwise more than first picture.

After adjust, I ride for test and checked there is no more noise when I pull the throttle without power loss or idle fail.

Thanks for your advice once more. ^ㅅ^ !

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