By tjupille

If you think of them as "tip over bars", the answer is "yes"; makes the bike a lot easier to pick up. And they provide a convenient location to clamp my coffee cup holder.

In a crash, the answer is "no". The upper attachment to the down tube is essentially a friction fit; in a crash, the bar will probably warp around, possibly trapping your leg in the process.
By Aethelric
They definitly do help if the bike falls over, they may help in a spill - it all depends on the spill.
I have fitted daytime running lights lights on mine. Definitely increases visability.
In my youth I fell off quite a number of times, with and without crashbars. Tbe bike always came out better with crashbars. I was never worse off because of the bars.
So in answer to your question, fairly good, not crap.

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