By Scoot
Hi guys, I'm new to the forum but not to bikes. I'm running a 500 bullet to work and back I have bigger bikes I could use but she just makes me smile :D Thing is I keep catching the centre stand on corners and islands? I'm no lightweight 15 stone, but I think I'm going to remove it, the springs ok it's not hanging down or anything. Has anybody else had this problem?
I rescued this little bike from certain death, she had been left outside for over two years with no cover when I convinced the owner to let me take her away. A new battery, oil change, amal carb kit from Hitchcocks plus a bit of playing around saw her live again.
Oh and now she a proper Enfield because I noticed the other day there's a small oil leak started :lol:
By Super45
check the stand springs haven't stretched over time could be causing the stand to hand lower than normal, if that checks out ok add a bit more rear preload to the shocks to lift the rear slightly, I'm about 18 stone and my stand doesn't catch even with questionable stand springs
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By stinkwheel
Yes, the stand is the first thing to touch down on mine too so I left it off my 612 bullet. Even with 10mm over-standard shocks, it still touches down if I'm riding enthusiastically on my 350 (even on safety mileage tyres). Worst on the left side because of the lever. Pretty horrible because it tends to lift the rear wheel off the road and start a slide.

Our hosts sell an adjustable bump-stop for them (part: 35060) which allows you to raise the point it comes to rest but there is a working maximum level you can lift the stand without it fouling the exhaust/chain (this varies from bike-to-bike depending on their setup).

I've not managed to get the pegs down yet... With them being fixed, I imagine it would be a similarly unsettling experience.
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By Wheaters
Rather a coincidence! I finally got my missus out on the pillion seat of my Bullet 350 this afternoon. First decent corner, half a mile from home and still in the village doing less than 30 mph - the centre stand grounded. I suspect the weight of the pillion (if you're reading this, obviously only a featherweight, dear) reduced the ground clearance because it only normally scrapes when I'm really going for it on cornering or riding off-road on a rutted surface.

Probably won't be an ongoing problem in my case - wife got terrible backache and I know it will be a long time before she gets on that bike in the future. But It needs to come off for some paint because it's the rustiest part of the bike.
By Trev
Yup, removed centre stand from mine (2008 efi ) after my first decent ride when I got it 5 years ago as the thing touched down if any spirited cornering. Easy to take off and I leave mine hung on the garage wall as simple to put back on (minus spring) when I need to get wheels off the ground and don't want to go to the hassle of using my bike lift.

I also disconnected the side stand switch as, on mine, it wouldn't run in neutral if the side stand was down which is a bit of a pain.
By weedsy
Hi Scoot - another newbie here - I too grounded the stand the second ride out at totally reasonable speeds - '57 Super Meteor. There were comments on the seller's site that the" sidestand was easy to ground on left-handers". I have discovered that unless I deploy the sidestand before rolling the bike off the centre stand, it prevents the centre stand from folding completely back into place. So I think it's the centre stand that grounds under these circs.
Evidenced by the fact that if you don't put the sidestand down before rolling off the centre stand, the next time you wish to put the bike on the sidestand, the centre stand stops it folding out, i.e. it's trapped with the centre stand underneath it.
Sorry if this sounds complicated, it didn't until I started to write it! Will post more and pix after dismantling and checking - the bike's got the wrong gearbox, so it may well have the wrong sidestand as well . . . . . usual journey of discovery with a "new" old bike! Cheers, Weedsy
By Scoot
Hi Guys pretty much what i thought, I will remove the stand in the next couple of days!
I was out on my tractor(Harley) over the weekend and no problem, this morning I floored the centre stand on my Enfield on the way to work, so it't coming off!

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