By puffin666
Evening , wondering if someone could offer any ideas on another mechanical stuff up Ive made.. Decided to remove sprag and starter and have kick start only.. Took primary apart, didnt have 32mm socket for crank sprocket, so used stilsons and jammed primary and clutch with wood, (not good)..So I hear a few loud clicks like something breaking and decide to stop. Bought a 32mm socket put it on my air gun and came off easy. Took sprag and starter off, re assembled bike, sweet, HOWEVER when i engage gear and clutch and the the bike is stationary (wheel not moving) I get this horrible rubbing grinding sound. Stripped bike again, tip of gearbox mainshaft bent, replaced and got new primary chain also.Back together, all good riding...until the bike is stationary in gear with clutch engaged, i get same horrible noise.... nil noise with clutch engaged in any gear incl nuetral with back wheel spinning... as soon as i stop the back wheel in gear, bad.. I examined all of g/box and all splines in clutch etc, all seem really good and the bike was perfect before i took sprag/starter off. Stripped bike 3 times now.. All i can think off is clutch basket???.What have i done???
By Adrian
Did you really manage to bend the end of the gearbox mainshaft?

So just to clarify all is well with the bike running in all gears as well as with the engine running in neutral, it's only when the engine's running with the bike at a standstill but in gear and with the clutch pulled in that you get the noise?

Sounds like a chunk of wood or some foreign body has managed to get into the clutch basket bearing. ... 689/Clutch

By ericpode
Suggest you ensure the steel balls and the inner and outer rings of the basket bearing are in good order.
Is there any chance that the first and last steel clutch plates have been put in the wrong way? First dished plate must have the raised teeth facing you and the last to go on should have the teeth facing away from you.
By puffin666
Thanks for replies. The tip of g/box mainshaft may have already been bent , about 1mm from centre,I replaced it anyway. The clutch basket ball bearings did feel rough, however I cleaned them twice,kero, air gun and re oiled. Nil foreign bodies in g/box or clutch. Yes the bike is fine running in all gears and nuetral, fine when the clutch is pulled in and the back wheel is rotating..only makes noise when its in gear, (not nuetral)pull the clutch in and rear wheel is stationary (apply back brake). So I presume when the clutch centre is stationary and the basket is spinning. With the rear wheel rotating the clutch centre is basically moving with basket and all is fine. The kickstarter is stiff on return also .spring is good and located good,easy to kick down but not springing hard back as should. I was thinking the problems maybe linked. Thanks again for the replies.
By Adrian
The kickstarter is stiff on return also .spring is good and located good,easy to kick down but not springing hard back as should.
If you have had the gearbox end cover off (e.g . to replace the mainshaft) you presumably fitted a new gasket. There have been problems with some of the replacement gaskets (usually green ones) being made out of material which is too thin, and kickstarts which used to spring back happily now no longer do so! Add another geasket or make your own out of thicker material.

By puffin666
Ahh thanks mate...I was wondering that myself and yes i did replace with a thinner gasket. Ive decided to take the clutch off again and really have a good look at the ball bearing race. Even though i cleaned it etc its not spinning freely as one would expect....a bit tight in places. I will open it up a bit to inspect maybe?
By puffin666
Stripped it again, spent half an hour cleaning the roller ball clutch bearing thing,seems fine.....still making the noise with clutch pulled in, back wheel stationary....Very frustrated. Obviously cant check it with primary case off as the stator is located in that....Any ideas???
By puffin666
Nil rubbing anywhere.Its only when the back wheel is stationary when im in gear with clutch pulled in...It has to be the ball bearing race??? Although it sounds a lot worse...It was fine before I took starter motor out. Ive rebuilt many engines so this is very frustrating as its a relatively easy engine to work on...It has new primary chain and new mainshaft.

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