By Cov Lad
I am hoping to visit Hitchcock's tomorrow to buy a set of Tappet Spanners. Are there any other essential / weird Enfield only tools that I may need and find only at Hitchcocks? I do have a large collection of my dads old spanners so I will probably have the regular stuff. I hope someone is still awake!
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By Wheaters
I'm awake - only just!

I ground down the sides of a couple of old spanners so they were narrow enough to fit in the tappet chest.
By papasmurf
What version of Royal Enfield, because some need different spanners for the tappets.
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By Wheaters
Mine is a 350 iron barrel, Bullet Electra - Indian home market version.

I've collected many "spare" spanners over the last 45 years or so since I rebuilt my first two wheeler. The above bike has a strange mixture of nut and bolt sizes (some metric, some Imperial and even some that seem to be somewhere in between) so I'm glad I have a good selection.

Edit: I think you possibly meant "Cov Lad's" bike...
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By Adrian
Apart from a good mix of Whitworth and metric, if you need to take the head off the Electra-X engine for any reason you will need an extended/deep 12mm socket. For some reason the cylinder studs are over-length and a normal 12mm socket won't reach the nuts properly, as the tops of the studs get in the way. 50mm socket/ring spanner for the gearbox sprocket nut if you have to remove the sprocket on the Electra's 5 speed gearbox, someone else will advise the correct size for the corresponding nut on your '55 Bullet.

By Cov Lad
£21 for 3 spanners was made slightly bearable when I bought a universal wrench claiming to replace 48 tools into 1. I'm hoping this will be Electra XXX friendly. I will keep my expensive spanners for best and follow Wheaters advice and get the grinder out.

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