By enman
Hi I'm wanting to change front sprocket on my bullet sixty5 (electric start) does the starter sprag have to be taken off to remove inner primary cover or what's the procedure for doing this job,thankyou.
The gearbox sprocket nut is 50mm across the flats. I treated myself to a hefty 50mm ring spanner which does the trick.

I see that there's a used one on fleabay at the moment which you might get cheap.

Philluap wrote:
Mon Jun 10, 2019 8:38 am
sorry just read "stinkwheels post", mine did not require this, remember using impact gun to remove nut, these bikes so different but great eh!
Must have been a pretty long impact socket to get over the end of the gearbox shaft? Sure you're not thinking of burp-gunning the clutch centre nut off?

This pic is a 4-speed box rather than the 5-speed a 65 would have but as far as I'm aware, the output shaft sticks out just as far.

Wheaters wrote:
Mon Jun 10, 2019 9:52 pm
Is that a 21 tooth sprocket? :?
Yes. Well, 20 or 21, can't remember off the top of my head. You can't put anything bigger on because the chain would foul the primary chaincase. It's on my 612 bullet.

I'm not sure about the actual top speed because the standard clutch slips at about 75-80mph. Need to have a word with Mr Newby about that.
I will soon be doing the opposite - removing the 16T on my 350 and replacing it with a 15T - it's allegedly in the post right now. The supplier (NOT Mr. H, I hasten to add) obviously couldn't read the label on his own packaging and sent a standard 16T one despite the invoice and the postage label saying 15T. Lesson learned...

I do more off-road pottering these days and I'm considering competing in a Classic Trial this coming autumn on that bike, about 200 miles with around 15 off road sections to complete. The bike is slightly over-geared for some of the places I take it. I will probably revert to standard cam timing as well, for more bottom end torque.

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