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I present a 1977 Madras-built 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle. As you can see it comes in fetching Olive Drab emulating the warhorses of WWII. This bike differs from those BSA M20s, Norton 16Hs and Enfield WD-COs because you can actually afford to buy and use it and you get to keep your kidneys.

Everything works as it should, the engine starts very easily. Fuel on, choke on, tickle carb, crank a little past TDC and kick.
There’s a little fuel smoke on start-up, which clears when warmed up and off the choke but no significant oil leaks (yes, really!)
It has a very recent sealed battery, good Avon tyres, a brand new, unused 530 chain and new handlebar grips, a composite head gasket, Samrat rockers and aluminium pushrods and cylinder (instead of steel / iron).
I’ve never understood the attraction but the engine and frame numbers match.

On the move it chugs along nicely, gears change fine, clutch works okay - they were never Jap quality it must be said. It's not quick and if you're used to the characterless efficiency of modern bikes you might be in for a shock.
The unique to Royal Enfield neutral lever works as it should - while the bike is moving disengage the clutch, press down on the foot lever and you’re in neutral. It’s great for approaching a red traffic light or junction; no more fumbling with the gearchange lever.
Brakes work well, especially the twin leading shoe front one, exhaust is neither quiet nor loud.
I’ve long read that people favour the 350 Bullet over the 500 version as it produces its modest power rather more sweetly - I now know what they mean. Note that its carburettor is an Amal 600 series carb rather than the Indian ‘Mikarb’ - a Mikuni VM24 knock-off. There are no air or fuel leaks and it’ll idle happily once off the choke at a steady, low beat..
It comes with an MOT until April 2020 and is taxed until May 2020. There’s a factory workshop manual, old MOT showing approx. 25,000 miles before the speedo was changed to a spanking new one and, most importantly in my opinion, a V5c in my name and address showing that the bike has Historic Vehicle status. Yes: no MOT requirement, no Road Tax, no future type approval laws and no London Ultra Low Emission Zone charges!

There’s a box full of spares including a dismantled gearbox, an ignition coil, ignition switch, contact breaker points and condenser, air filter box, spare yellow and black number plate, tail light and a centre stand.
I’ve assembled a toolkit in the left hand toolbox: pliers, screwdriver, spare spark plug and spanners that fit just about every fastener on the machine.

Despite the ridiculous length of this description I’ve bound to have left something out so please get in touch if you have a question. I can also take more pics of specific areas if you require them.
The bike’s located in Highbury, Islington, London and is available for inspection at your convenience, weekdays preferred but weekends are possible too.

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