By connieowner
hi marko, could you let me know which brake shoes you fitted to your connie? mine are useless too so keen to fit the same ones as you, did you get them from our hosts? thanks richard
Marko wrote:
Wed May 29, 2019 11:57 am
Hi, when I 1st got my Connie the front brakes were useless - it was fitted with relined shoes (from a well known brake relining place). I replaced the shoes with Indian made 6" shoes. The front brake now outperforms the 7"TLS brake fitted to my 60s Triumph twin. FWIW I recall Paul Henshaw sorting out some brake shoes in a video a while back - i'm pretty sure it was with getting the linings to make full contact with the brake drum
By Marko
Hi Connieowner I bought the shoes from India, they have worked out very well, I think they were branded/ called "Janus" or something similar, anyway, whatever the case & for whatever reason (I do not know why) they work much better than a a pair of shoes that I had relined by Villiers services. I just need to sort out the back brake shoes (same issue - had them re-lined & they are crap) & i'll be happy

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