Hi all. Really enjoying my Himalayan and generally for the A & B roads I generally prefer, a cruising speed of 60 mph suits fine, though for occasional motorway sections, a little more relaxed 70 mph would be nice.. Has anyone tried experimenting with replacing the standard 15 tooth gearbox sprocket with a 14 tooth to enhance cruising speed accordingly?
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By Wheaters
Surely, if you replace the gearbox sprocket with one with fewer teeth it will have the opposite effect to giving you a more relaxed 70 mph. :o
Thanks Wheaters... you're right of course... I'd need to go up a tooth for improved top speed. So... Anyone done that please..
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By Rushour
I changed to a 16 on our Himalayan ( well its the wifes really ) and anyway - made no difference to low speed and pulling away in first and has greatly improved cruising speed.
By PeteF
I'm on the brink of getting a Himalayan and the only thing stopping me is the reported low cruising speed (someone quoted 55 mph which is a bit low for 24 bhp) I do understand that it's designed as an off-roader to some degree so this may be reflected in low gearing.
With the bigger sprocket do you get a genuine 60 cruising speed and a top speed of (say) 75?
I don't want to go any faster than that but I do want to keep up with the traffic.
Has anyone fitted the 17 tooth?
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By Rushour
Unless you are going for the big bore kit and upgrade ECU - I would say that the 17 is a step too far, the engine pulls a 16 in top ok but doubt if a stock one would.

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