By MartinB
I suppose i'll have to get mine serviced annually to stay in the warranty and then I'll do most sevicing myself hopefully but I don't do that many miles as I have a number of bikes and a sports car and I can't remember the last time i checked valve clearances on any of my bikes! I do an annual oil and filter change though as its a nice easy job.Haven't been out om my 650 Interceptor since Monday due to the very poor weather!
By Breezin
Enfield_Vega wrote:
Tue May 07, 2019 8:51 pm
"What, it's got tappets!" was the reaction to the valve clearance check. Apparently the tank had to come off along with the ABS unit and various disconnections. 4 hours, but by the sound of it an experienced tech would still be looking at 3 hours.
There is one video online demonstrating clearly that the tank does not have to be removed for tappet adjustment.

There is another that says that, if you do want to remove it, it takes minutes.
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By Rushour
I would say that I spent about 2 hours tops doing the tappets, the tank is easy, and I removed the horns and the ABS unit bolts only - lifted the ABS unit about 1 " upwards and the rocker cover came out easy, most difficult is keeping the rocker cover rubber gasket in its channel to refit it - I will take more time to degrease and glue it in place next time.
By Enfield_Vega
I've now seen the valve clearance video with the tank in place and that and Rushour's post probably confirm my thoughts on 3 hours for the service. That's the full service not just the valve clearances. I that's every 2 years with an oil change in between there's nothing to complain about really.
By Lou E
I bought the last Orange Crush in Washington State from North Cascades H-D. Bike had 68 miles as a demo on it. Took delivery, chain was slack/oil out of sight (1/2 pint) low front tire had 1/4 inch radial runout, nobody here in USSA has heard of the oil required to keep the warranty good. Got an extra quart at the dealer with the 300 mi. service. Fired up Hitchcocks for the 16 tooth sprocket (going on today), Made my own saddlebag mounts, Hitchcocks fork gaiters and spring Preload adjusters (yesterday) By the way if you need the Jesus tool which holds the fixture in the bottom of the fork tube a 7/8" nut on a stick will hold it from the inside while tightening the bolt in the bottom of the fork leg. The upper screw on the lower fork tree is assembled with the Loctite that hols the hinges on the Kremlin. Heating the bolt did NOT release it. Heating the bulge the threads live in under the lower tree releasd the screw. The case guards went on nicely!
Just returned from Hells Canyon Rally in Baker City Oregon. Lovely weather won the show with a dirty but functional 1966 Royal Enfield Interceptor Costom (single carb). Bike lost power on the way home finally started spewing oil around the mag in Wilbur Washington (40 miles east of the middle of nowhere. Removed timing chest found 2 loose and one missind bolt (they hold the mag adapter on and tension the chain. Found the missing bold (it had'nt run throuhg the chain), tightened everything up, and made it the last 200 miles just like I knew what I was doing

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