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By vin
Hi all I'm posting this add on behalf of a friend who's interested in getting into motorcycling and bike restoration he rode bikes when he was younger but never took his test and so at present is restricted to a 125 hes looking to purchase a 125 cc British 2 stroke either a James or preferably an Enfield flying flea he lives in cornwall but will travel a reasonable distance for something suitable he's not after concours just a sensibly priced project or running machine to plod around the back lanes of cornwall .please call 01726 821863 and I will be happy to pass on massages etc .safe riding .
By lbart84
Hi, I appreciate quite a long time has passed since your post. My dad has recently dug is 1948 model RE 125 flea out of storage and is looking to sell. If it would be of interest, he is open to sensible offers.

By lbart84
andyq wrote:Where in the country are you located? What price are you after?
Bike is in cornwall, looking for sensibles offers tbh as havent seen too many of these for sale we have struggled to place a value on it. Have got interest elsewhere.
By Bill Pritchard

I know it has been 2 months since you put the photograph of the Flying Flea on the screen from out of your Father's garage/workshop. Do you still have it? I live in North Wales, and would be very interested in purchasing it.

Many thanks,


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