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By Martyn s
Im selling my 1994 500 Bullet. 4750 miles. it has the usual 4 speed gremlins. MOT to 11th June. I have flashers and the correct number plate which I will fit before selling. New gearbox bearings, clutch plates (friction and steel), clutch springs, 1st gear pinion, kickstart gear, pawls and springs, gear selector ratchet and Hitchcocks gear cover stiffener. Ensign trials tyres. £1750.00 Bristol


By Martyn s
I have some old MOT certs
1998 - 2209 miles
2005 - 2231
2006 - 2406
2008 - 2604
2009- 2734
2011 - 2739
2015- 2926
2016- 3826
2017- 4176

it could have had a speedo change prior to 1998

it sometimes misses a gear, up and down the box and gets a false neutral. its worse when its hot.
By Lord-Toady
My 1993 500 had similar low milage between MOTs turns out the odometer is faulty turns intermittantly sometimes very slow or not at all. I have ordered a nice Smiths replica from India. :)

I like the look of those tyres BTW are they good for road use.
By Martyn s
it was leaking oil from the output shaft and the kickstart was slipping so I decided to do the lot in one go just to be sure. the tyres are fine on the road. a much more compliant ride. just fitted flashers as well.
By Scalyback
ok, i'm not comfortable saying it, but if it was a new albion 4 speed box made in India, it needed all those bits plus probably sealed bearing in the gearbox as well.
I have a 1994 500 bullet. I love it dearly, but it needed half the parts changing until it was up to spec...

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