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By Wheaters
The best modification I did to my 4 speed was to convert it to 5 speed. ;)
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By Wheaters
Kally wrote:
Mon Aug 03, 2020 9:52 am
Wheaters, might do that to mine eventually if its not too expensive! regards kally
The gearboxes unfortunately do tend to be quite pricey; I was very lucky when a fellow competitor approached me at a bike trial and offered to sell me one he’d had for some years. He bought it with the intention of fitting it to his own bike but had sold his Enfields in favour of a more competitive modern trail bike. I got it at a very good price but found that it wouldn’t change down the gears properly. I had to strip it and fettle it before it worked properly. I now believe it to have been taken off a new bike because it didn’t work.

If you do decide on this type of conversion, there’s a few things you need to know, however the process is stuck firmly in my brain and I can offer help. I converted the gear change from left to right myself for not much money.

Especially because my bike is only a 350, having more evenly spaced gear ratios makes it much nicer to ride.
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By Kally
;) Wheaters, thanks again but I think I might just have sorted it somewhat! I checked out some of the YouTube vids sent in and a few more for luck and found that the adjustment on the selector/plunger (slotted screw with slot) on the top right with the cover off was a bit loose. I undid the locknut and took out the slack and while at it I drained out enough of the sludge/grease from the box to allow a generous top up with gear oil. It took an age to get the oil in (warmed it a bit) I am not saying its perfect but it really is loads better. I can still feel 2 clicks changing from second to 3rd but it now goes strait in so happy days, much more user friendly lol, thank to all for the help but pretty sure I'll be back, regards kally ;)
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By stinkwheel
PeteF wrote:
Sat Aug 01, 2020 8:43 pm
Having had all sorts of bikes over 55 years of riding I can confirm that the Albion gearbox is the worst I've come across.
A friend of mine had an ex Estonian Police Ural. The horror of the gearbox was only exceeded by the inadequacy of the brakes.
By TomCraig
My 2 cents...I check end play on kickstart shaft on the 4 speeds first. 100 thou movement and shim is missing, .030 t0 .040 is fairly normal, any shim I have bought seems to be .060. I have shimmed my old 4 speeds to .010" and missed shifts are all my fault.

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