By PeteF
Beezabryan wrote:
Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:46 pm
My understanding is that the tank on enfileds is a partly structural member?

How does that work?
It's not Bryan. I don't know where this comes from but I've seen it quoted a few times.
It is true that some bike frames do rely on the tank for structural strength. Tiger Cubs were a bit suspect off road without a steel tank. We used to but a brace up in the tank tunnel as a stiffener when using the bike for trials with alloy tanks. Some of the real trick Cubs had an oil tank under the tank acting as a brace.
By mart
Top yoke PART No. SPECIAL35878 is cheaper and you can cut off the speedo hoop, ali rims ( 21 inch front) ali tank, ali or plastic mudguards, small non sprung trials seat, drill all the bolts, ali bodied shocks, ali engine plates, loose that rear frame, 1/2 width ali rear hub with ali sprocket, Continental GT swingarm, 520 chain and sprockets, smaller battery?? the smallest LED rear light you can find with a plastic mumber plate bolted direct to the mudguard, fit the smallest headlight you can find, ali levers and a Crusader frame. Every little helps as they say at Tesco! Oh and drill holes in everything.
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By vince
Hi, Alloy rims, hollow out all bolts, alloy engine plates. Look at each item and ask yourself how can I lighten this. Just by removing unnecessary items can save a lot in weight. . A redditch sold trial bike was about 309lb try getting to that as a target. Vince
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By trophyvase
As a lesson in ultimate weight saving on a 'classic' take a look at Sammy Miller's Ariel.
Weight saving without compromising strength.

I think it was a 'winner' too!!!! :shock:

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