By PeteF
I fitted Mr H's booster plug to the C5.
Part of me was saying I was wasting my money, but these Euro4 models do run very lean. Too lean for my liking and something to richen things up would probably help.
I am pleasantly surprised.
Throttle response is definitely a bit smoother and there seems to be a bit more urge (I could be imagining this)
Another thing is, it's decreased engine vibration at the top end. Why that would happen I have no idea but the difference is noticeable.
The spark plug doesn't look as lean as it did either (though still quite pale to my eye)
I don't know if fuel consumption has altered yet but I'm not bothered about that particularly.
By the way, dead easy to fit. I fastened the sensor under the seat.
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By windmill john
Any ideas why on our host’s website they show a different booster part number for:

B5 2017 on..
C5 2017 on..

I thought Bullets and Classics were technically the same and it was styling that was different!?

https://accessories.hitchcocksmotorcycl ... _page=news

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By windmill john
That was the only thing I thought of, but even they should be the same.
I might ask them the next time I speak to them.
By oldnick
Also fitted booster plug today. Based on short ride, there are benefits: does not surge at low revs in 30 limit, responds when you blip throttle, no backfires on over-run. Maybe accelerates a bit better - certainly running well. Longer run tomorrow.

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