By ChrisSnied
replacing a stock brake lamp with a Miller STOP lamp on a 2015 c500 efi wiring question is it has three wires black is obviously the ground wire what is the Green? what is the Gray? one is braking and one is running but which? thanx
By Daiwiskers
Most of those STOP rear lamps are fitted with two bulbs of the same wattage

So work whichever way you wire it after you fit it find out which is wired as the brake light and put a higher wattage bulb in there

One thing I will say they look great but are not that well made, i would sooner fit a lucas replica myself

Hope this helps Dai
By Daiwiskers
I have two here I have just had a check the bottom bulb is the tail light stop light on the top neither of them has any wire fitted so can't help there

Beware they give no light to the side so you may run into issues at MOT time
By Beezabryan
I'm wondering the reason for removing a perfectly good (and legal) rear light with a poor glimmer of a light that probably is not legal on a modern vehicle.
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By Adrian
My wife just bought a Sanya 125 (Suzuki GN125 clone, as far as I can tell), the previous owner had sort of cafe-racered it with a dinky little hump seat, complete with one of those Miller replicas set into the seat hump. Not only is there the question of no light to the side, regardless of whether it's MOT-legal or not, but also the rather too jaunty angle it was pointing up at, though to be fair he also fitted some whizzy little LED indicators which also have added stop lights.

When I have finished replacing the back mudguard (he'd just chopped the rear off, leaving only the rear number plate on some sort of bracket), it will be getting a pattern Lucas 679 rear light. I will probably just keep the Miller-pattern lens just to plug the hole in the seat and serve as a simple red reflector.

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By Haggis
The miller lens has no reflective properties, I have to have a separate reflector which I have mounted on the rear mud flap. As for " light to the side" the rear light on my 2010 BMW R1200GSA does not show any light to the side. 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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