By 500Goldstar
Im having trouble with 2nd gear on my 62 Bullet,,,it either not stop in gear and when im changing from 3rd into 2nd its an hit or miss affair....before i start opening up the box can anybody point me into what type of the box needs looking at
cheers all
By TomCraig
Grab the kickstart shaft and see how much endplay you have, if a lot of play you're missing the shim that fits on end of trans. shaft.I have shimmed my own kickshaft to .010 and have eliminated the second gear miss.
By vince
Hi, if the box was ok then started doing this the chances are worn or chipped dogs. However before going inside check the selector mechanism , this maybe worn or the springs are broken or weak. When was it last serviced? Bear in mind 58yrs of use. Vince

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