By ChrisD
Hi all. Do you know you can only start a new topic after you've added to a pre-existing one?

My 1951 G2 came with its speedo cable draped over the saddle. Didn't work well like that either.
So where should I run it?
Down the left side and under the engine then over the swinging arm pivot?
Any suggestions welcome

Actually I have another issue and that is that the worm drive keeps slipping out of the drive box (rear wheel) see image. I can keep it in place if i ziptie the cable tightly onto the frame, thus forcing the wor drive back into place. But that can't be right. Is there some spring washer I should place on the drive worm? BTW, the threaded screw in the casing centre in the image is not a lock screw.
Cheers, ChrisD
G2 speedo drive.jpg
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By Adrian
If anapplication of Loctite bearing fit doesn't persuade the threaded gear bush to stay put in its housing, Indian copies of the Smiths speedometer drive can be had pretty cheaply, I assume our hosts have a bin full of the things.

By ChrisD
Thanks for the comments. I'll avoid the loctite until I am sure its the only way (the bike isn't running yet).
Yes, I could buy a new one. Note that getting it into my hands in South Africa will more than double the listed price because of higher than usual courier charges to RSA plus hefty customs and VAT and ............whatever else suits the kleptocrats.
In the meantime, does anyone know which way the cable runs across the frame?
Cheers, ChrisD

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