By Daiwiskers
Dam that's a pretty bike Paul.

Thinking on it I might go for a sportster lump probably 883 possibly with 1200 barrels and pistons fitted, SU carb, points ignition.
By papasmurf
One I can get my feet on the ground when I sit on it, nothing higher than the seat behind the seat and is reliable.
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By ed.lazda
Norton Commando 850 Interstate pre-Mk 3 built to modern engineering standards with some minor tweaks to the ergonomics.
By Allanfox
Thanks Adrian, I was curious how the engine would fit in a BSA frame, but as you suggest maybe not easily! Do like the Fury idea and would suit the AVL engine. Part of my logic was freeing up the Electra X chassis for a 700 twin engine, I think that would be simple enough, the frames are very similar I think? Anyway just pipe dreams at present as need to get the Electra X engine back together and get a few miles on it to see if it is working correctly! I want to like it but have not managed to get the miles on it yet but hope the underlying problem of the internal cross sump/oiltank leak is now fixed!
By Andy C
Perfect bike – that is a tough one.

I honestly don’t think I’ll ever find it.

I love the low down grunt of a 4 stroke single, I also like buzz / scream of a 2 stroke.

I have a particular liking of light bikes, although I loved the Harley that I had I did not like the weight.

I like bikes to be reliable, 2 solutions to that one get a new one, or make sure you keep on top of your bike – I prefer the latter.

I quite fancy a DT 400 – big single and a 2 stroke, nearest I go to a big 2 stroke single was an MZ 301 that I had, and that really was a fun bike, but lacking comfort.

There are 4 bikes currently in my stable at the moment.

The 612 really love riding that thing, loads of low down grunt, good turn of speed, light and handles well, no real downsides aside from a few oil weeps.

Himalayan, as I have found it is a really good all round bike, nice and light handling spot on. A bit more grunt would be nice.

Kawasaki H2 Triple, real old school hoodlum bike, a bit on the heavy side, but a lovely thing to ride and satisfies my 2 stroke urge. For a 2 stroke it is pretty torquey.

Kawasaki GPZ/S2 Triple Project, not quite finished yet. I have high hopes for this bike. Hopefully good handling from the GPZ chassis & the punchiness of the 2 stroke Triple, plus it is pretty light – should be a fun “hot rod”.

My ideal bike is probably a combination of all 4.

The Himalayan has the electric start, the 612 the low down grunt, the H2 nice spread of power, the GPZ Project, hopefully lightness and agility.

They are all reliable as I keep on top of the old ones and Himalayan is still pretty new.

Just my musings on the question asked.
By PeteF
Wheaters wrote:
Fri Jun 26, 2020 5:28 pm
I'm very fond of the look of the Yamaha SR400. Looks like a cross between my 350 Electra and my Honda CB750 Nighthawk.

The looks of a Royal Enfield with the advantages of a more reliable Jap manufacturer.
Yeah they are pretty but they are pretty gutless for a 400.
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By Adrian
Why not the SR500?

For a bitsa, perhaps something with a Rickman Metisse Mk3 frame in street scrambler trim, Matchless G85CS engine or even a really well-sorted and tuned 535 Bullet engine and 5 speed gearbox. Or a 500 pre-unit TriBSA with the GP engine?

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By Exile
A 500 Bullet from 2003 with a single saddle, electronic ignition, black livery...

Oh. Hang on.. I've already got it...

I'll find my own way out.

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