Hi All,

Can I get a general consensus as to the cylinder head torque please.

I’ve seen three. 24Nm, 32Nm and the third I’ve forgotten!

Answers on a postcard please, thanks. :)

Hi John
20 ft/lbs 27nm
Is what I'll be using tomorrow

5-6 ft/lb for the rockers 8-10 ft/lb for the rocker boxes

New washers from our hosts grease the washers both sides not the threads

The thing is the head clamps onto the spigot then the studs start to stretch then pull out of the case's

24ft/lb is what the book says go there at your own risk

Hope this helps Dai
Thanks both.

As mentioned above, I noticed when I got the bike, I had a weep. When I checked the nuts, one was turning, so the PO had over tightened it. The rest were loose, so I nipped them up and leaked stopped.
The leak has returned, so I’m going to replace the gasket and helicoil the errant stud.

I did nip them up to 35Nm as per the book a few months back....... hope I got away with it...... Well the torque wrench clicked, hopefully before any stretching, fingers crossed.

The stud threads on my 2007 350 were apallingly badly cut. Both on the stud and in the hole. They were effectively flat-topped, probably not even 3/4 of the actual pitch depth. I replaced the studs with a set of our hosts ones with the square end and they wouldn't even screw into the holes until I'd run a bottoming tap down into the cases. It wasn't just re-shaping the thread, it was cutting curls of swarf.

You want the studs to stretch, just not permanantly, elastic not plastic phase. That's what keeps them done up. Our hosts ones are specified as EN8 steel so I have much more confidence in the consistency of the metallurgy.
Thanks Stinkwheel.

I ordered the head gasket last year and a set of hardened washers under our host’s recommendation.

I tested and am glad to find mine are M8 bolts (glad mine is after June 2002 :) ) as I have an M8 helicoil kit; must stop spending money!


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