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By Sula
Morning all!. I bodged one of these to both terminals of the battery, and it worked brilliantly for 5 years, but then died. I have a bar mounted phone/GPS RAM mount, which works well.

Does anyone have a recommendation for USB charging kit, wiring route and the like to fit a USB charger to the front of the bike rather than stuffed under the seat like I had it. Ideally I would like it to switch on and off with the ignition.

Thank you all in advance.

Classic 500 2016.
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By stinkwheel
You can buy little fuse box/relay holders. Would fit in a toolbox. I just stick them on with a 3M sticky pad.
I have one of these: ... earch=rs3f

You can wire a 4-pin SPNO automotive relay to it so it turns on with the ignition then have up to three fused spurs leading away from it.

Relay pinouts:
30 - battery positive
85 - Switched live (I use the power supply to the rear brake switch because it's conveniently close)
86 - Earth
87 - To fuse(s)

They just run your fused, switched 12v supply up to the USB socket of your choice. 2 spares.

Got one tucked under the saddle on the wifes CBR6 to power her heated grips, heated vest and USB phone socket. Using a handlebar mount USB socket from the same supplier as the relay holder... (our hosts do a USB socket but they are out of stock just now).
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By stinkwheel
Another tip is if you get a piece of 4-core wire, you can run all your spurs up to the front of the bike in that (3 lives and an earth) by strapping it to the outside of the main loom. The multicore is neat and much more resistant to damage. It's just as easy to run the whole thing up when you first do it and fit the fuse holders rather than go back later. You can just leave the end of the wires up there and no fuse in the holder of the redundant wires.

Then if you want heated grips or an accessory light in the future, you just need to insert an appropriate fuse and connect it to your spare wire.

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