Head back together and on

Only torqued to 15nm will leave overnight then take it up to 27nm in 3 or 4 steps anal I know but we're still in lockdown so no rush
Should be back together tomorrow leave 24 hours for silicone to set up in the exhaust manifold run up sunday leave to cool then retorque the head

No news on the gold wing project but I don't like the twin choke conversions I have seen, it looks like two cylinders will always be fuelling better than the other two, I will have to look at some Subaru and Volkswagen manifolds and see what I can come up with

Nice easy weekend Dai
Well that didn't go exactly to plan

Up to garage set torque wrench at 15ft/lbs the 4main studs tightened the short oil way one tightened the spark plug one didn't feel right odd as that's the one we put a incert in last year (that's the one I was confident about)

Off with the head again cleaned up up gasket four coats of copper spray then two coats of brush on sealer on the head and barrel

A few hours later four to be precise on went the gasket and the head I tightened the four main studs to 18ft/lbs the oil way stud and the spark plug I took to 12 ft/lbs ,time will tell

On to the rocker blocks these were only going to be at 5ft/lbs so I just snugged them up

Wonder if it will leak or not when I start it oh well we'll see maybe tomorrow or not

That's my day Dai
Up to the garage early this morning to fit the pushrod tunnel cover and pour some oil down to prime the oil pumps

Picked up the cover discovered gasket was rotten literally falling apart, back down to the house cover in hand search for my gasket paper stash,
That found gasket made then find I have left my magic gasket sealant (tyre bead cement) in the garage, back up to the garage get magic sealant

Two coats each side and that's the gasket sorted,

Now waiting for gasket to dry before coating it with grease

My pension comes through this week so I am thinking about our hosts studs and nuts ( probably I will go for the metric and convert ) for the next rebuild be it next year or next month

Now how much is that time-sert kit?
Too late to edit again

Scratch the time sert I'm not sure if there's enough meat in the casing for them

Oh well Dai
Up and running again
Started first kick head gasket dry only ran it till carb empty so very early days

Now time to put on tank and seat

Cheers all Dai
My Ann is of work for a few days so stuck in the house
Nothing to report on asbo 30

Gold wing report the carb has been fitted to 70mm box section with 4 angled stainless tubes running to the original intakes seems like it will do the job just have to weld it all up then fit the cables

The owners doing this with me helping over video call easier to do than I thought (famous last words eh.)

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