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By Mann
Has anyone put bar end mirrors on a C5 EFI? If so did the mirrors have less vibration than the standard factory mirrors on stems? On my 2018 C5 they are virtually useless due to vibration.

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By Wheaters
I fitted one of Mr H’s mirror Anti-vibration mounts to my iron Bullet. Might be worth trying and they’re inexpensive. Note the right hand mirror mount has a left hand thread.

I used only the right side mount on the bike, I used the other one on my trials car which uses bike mirrors and had a similar problem.
By tjupille
I put the anti-vibration mounts on my 2017 C5. They helped, but I wouldn't say it was a night-and-day difference. What helped the most was patience. By the third oil change (2000 miles or so) the bike had smoothed out quite a bit. Now at 2500 miles the mirrors are rock-steady. The anti-vibration mounts are still on; a fringe benefit is they raise the mirrors up so I can see over my shoulder.
By montytheangry
Hello from the US where it is nearly impossible to do anything to a Royal Enfield. I put these on my Classic 500 EFI. They vibrate less and are adjustable for better viewing. Much prefer them to the stock mirrors only as far as aesthetics are concerned. They are not awesome quality but I have had them on for 500 miles with no issues. They are very easy to mount and you can use the bar end weights and the bar end weight bolt. However, I highly recommend a thread locker of some kind on all of the hardware due to the vibrations. Concerning vibrations, so long as your hands are on the bars they show no signs of vibration and are quite clear. My C5 is brand new only 600 miles so I have a while to go before the break in is complete. ... Swax5Y02km

I hope this helps,
By montytheangry
I tried uploading a picture but I am unable too. If you look under the technical section for ammeter installation I have a photo of my 2019 C5 with these mirrors intalled.

By ChrisSnied
Sir, I put on the CRG Hindsight/Lane Spiltter Bar End Mirror, these mirrors are indeed state of the art, the field of view is so big I only use one on my right side, vibration is almost NIL BUT they are about $80.00 US per mirror but they are indeed the best mirrors ive ever seen...….google and check these out
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By stinkwheel
The old fix for bar vibration issues was to fill the bars with sand to alter their resonant frequency. In extreme cases people even filled them with lead shot. A lighter, more flexible modern alternative is silicone mastic.
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By windmill john
Bar end mirrors would be a pain for commuting and filtering.
But then again... if you’re not commuting. :roll:

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