By wsjmk04
Hi folks , I am considering adorning my new toy with crash bars as I have a lot ot gravel driveway to push around on and the the thought of an almost stationary drop gives me the heeby jeebies knowing a nice shiny chrome tank would be £500 thanks very much . I am seeking opinions and experience of whether the "octagon" or "trapezium" is going to offer better protection I am assuming the rigid footrests look after the lower areas ? While I'm here I may as well ask whether the Givi windshield offers materially better performance against the elements .( I appreciate opinions on windshields are very subjective) but I will listen to all advice . Thanks for your time ladies and gentlemen . John.
By wsjmk04
Meant to say Givi screen against the cheaper two point mounting one . Can't edit post for reasons unknown. Ta.
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By stinkwheel
Not sure I see the point of engine bars. The tank doesn't touch the ground when you drop a pre-unit bullet on a flat surface. Nor does the engine. It balances on the footpeg, bar end and rear subframe. Might take a rear flasher out. Silencer might touch down depending what type you have.

One of the few advantages of ridgid footpegs. With folding pegs you could potentially push the gear lever into the timing chest cover.

I drop mine on both sides multiple times when on a trial and the tank's fine. Gear lever is bent but not to the point it's touching and the high level exhast takes a hammering.
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By oldgit61
Regarding the Givi Screen , protection is good, but fitting it is a right pain. Hitchcocks supply brackets for the Bullet, but they are are not too good on a disc braked Bullet. The master cylinder get on the way, and the other bracket can interfere with the ignition key.
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By Spudgun
Lizzy the Lightning has a full set of crash bars (fore and aft). Due to a cock-up (My fault. I forgot to release the steering lock). I ended up on my side exiting a car park. The only damage was: My pride and a scratched handlebar end. You decide!
By tjupille
Re the crash bars:
I put a "trapezoidal" crash bar on my 2017 C5 (see image below). Last summer, I laid the bike down on its left side (stupid grab-and-stab when a car that was stopped in the oncoming left turn lane abruptly decided to turn in front of me). Total damage: a scrape on the crash bar, a bent footpeg plate, a gigantic bruise on my left thigh, and a severely dented ego. :oops:


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