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By McMurdo
Hi guys, my back rim is pretty scabby so I thought I'd replace it but I'm not sure if it's a WM2 or a WM3. I don't want to remove the tyre so I can't get the inner width. If you know your rim size, would one of you be so kind as to put a caliper across the outer width of either a WM2 or a WM3 and tell me what it reads?

Mine is 2.75" across the outer flange of the rim.

By Daiwiskers
In Pete Animal's manual it has both rims listed as

WM 2
I thought they were WM 2's but decided to check

Sorry can't get up to garage at the minute Dai
By Daiwiskers
Pete Snidal
Bloomin auto spell

Take care all Dai

Just realised question was answered before I replied

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