By Daiwiskers
Someone had to do it
As some of you know Mrs Wiskers works for the NHS she is a lowly ward clerk

She came home from work today eyes full of tears I went to give her a cutch (cuddle) and ask what's the matter, she almost shouted at me "get back it's awful "
She rushed past me went upstairs got charged came back down and sobbed herself to sleep

She sleeping now she left for work at six this morning

Now I know that she isn't the only NHS worker in this state


Keep safe all Dai
By Andy C
Dai - you must be very proud of your Missus.

She and all in the NHS have my deepest respect.

When I needed help a few years back after being knocked off my bike, I have nothing but praise for the way I was treated by the NHS.

God bless "Mrs Whiskers"
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By Adrian
Much to my surprise my routine blood test at the GP's tomorrow has not been cancelled, unless I show symptoms, of course. Note to self. Be extra appreciative.

Lowly or not, she's on the front line, Dai.

By Daiwiskers
Wish I'd have put the heading better now it's not just NHS staff but everyone that is working during these difficult times be they shop workers, garage staff , council staff, police, fire service, and anyone else that I have forgotten

And not forgetting those of us who are staying indoors

Stay safe all Dai
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By Wheaters
I agree, I’m not having to work at the moment, a decision made by the person I work for, but I very much appreciate those who are having to do so, especially all medical staff.

I’m awaiting hospital test results which might mean I have up to undergo at least one major operation. In view of the present situation the prospect is even more worrying than it would normally be.
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By Rushour
I can only echo everything previously said on this post, it must be awful in the Hospitals right now, give her all the support she so rightly deserves.
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By Wheaters
My wife has told that we are going to go along with the idea that’s gone viral on social media......go outside at 8pm tonight and clap loudly to show these and other workers our appreciation and support.

I’m not convinced any of them will hear us here, though. Maybe a bit of car hooter is called for, too.
By Daiwiskers
Mrs Wiskers Ann has said "don't clap for me I'm just doing my job but a bonus would be nice once this is all over"

I can't help thinking that some PPE would be good

Big thanks to all of you that are staying home in these difficult times

Thanks all Dai
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By Chris [Stockport]
They should get a bonus anyway. :!:
But I am sure a LOT of people would ALSO like to demonstrate appreciation of the job they are "just doing"!

And of course staying at home is good; I've now devised how to play Scrabble by telephone with my mother, in isolation, 70 miles away. She is an addict. :) Usually playing once a week with local friends. That, of course, is off for now. :shock:

Not sure how to clap via Hitchcocks notice board, but here it is..... :D :idea:


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