By enfield_trials
hi Guys

i think it is right time to ask for project/bike pictures. just to keep us motivated.
please share yr enfield project or bikes pictures. here is mine ..

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-23 at 12.24.18.jpeg
By enfield_trials

standard bullet 1955 frame/swingarm. the tyre and swing arm clearance is little. not rubbing. :)
Havent tried chain yet. i will check it out and let you know. just in process of assembling roughly.
otherwise i might try 18 x 3.50 . i have spare one.

By enfield_trials
seems like no else interested to show the bikes

by the way your bike seems like work horse. how many miles you put on clock ?
and how many engine rebuild i know you did one ... just curious ..

By Daiwiskers
Not tec savvy can't do links let alone

Asbo 30 in bits nothing serious just usual Dai taking thing's apart

Harley I have a couple of little things to do again nothing serious

Take care all Dai
By enfield_trials
i would love to see asbo 30 ..

you can upload the image easily now days ,, thanks for your host

like mentioned in attached .. click on Upload attachment -- Add files then find the image on mobile or laptop ..
By Daiwiskers
Look up performance classics on YouTube type in asbo 30
Then you can see some of the build

It might be Paul Henshaw YouTube channel

Anyway it's our very own bullet whisperer

Take care all Dai
By Andy C
Here is one I did earlier

This is my H2 which I bought as a non runner - still riding it around now.
For Bru.JPG
After - awiating expansion chambers..
Before 2
H2 - 001.jpg
Before - 1

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