By Allanfox
Hi, can the crankcase seal be replaced from the outside (from the primary side), or do I need to split the engine and knock it out?
By mauri
yes, but you'll need to make a hook that is thin enough to slide between de axel and the seal and strong enough so not to bend.

as its an enfield some will be harder to get out than other.

putting the new one back add's some difficulty due to axel being in the way, a long socket will help in this.
oil the seal enough before hand.
Ta, seem to have way too much oil in the primary (over a litre) so whilst I have it down will change the seal. May be the victim of wet sumping and increased crankcase pressure.
Ok just thinking about it, if the timing side crankcase seal was blown other than oil getting blown into the primary could it cause wet sumping as surely a blown seal would reduce crankcase pressure and cause the engine to breath via the primary? I do assume the seal is intended to withstand crankcase pressure of course!

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