By byyonbonniebanks
Just signed up and have a question about the Himalayan
I have asked this question on other forums with no definitive answer ,only what it might be.
Both the Himalayans i have owned (E.F.I.BS 4) exibit a noise which sounds like the bigend has gone or detenation or valvegear or something else .
It comes on as you go up through the gears and starts about 4,000 rpm and beyond.
Various suggestions including the above are--- gear rattle caused by the balance shaft,piston slap,fueling mixture due to the lean burn needed to achieve the emissions?
Once you get to a light throttle cruising speed (say 55/60 it runs smoothly.
Present bike has 5,000 mls on the clock.
Both dealers I have asked and have test ridden the bike say they all sound like that !!!!!
Anybody out there have an answer definite answer to this mysterious anomaly ?

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