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By Adrian
That's a pretty standard 4 speed 500 kick start Bullet, the "basic" model. Looks like you've caught it in time, the alloy will polish up and the chrome might have got a bit pitted in places but won't look too bad after scrub with some wire wool and chrome polish.

What's the story behind the non-UK front number plate, any clue from the previous owner? It does look like an official export model, only with a custom seat, aftermarket silencer and Lucas 564-alike tail lamp.

If you get a duplicate V5C for the bike based on its current registration you might find out a few more details of this bike's history, I think might tell you if it was an unofficial import.

Unfortunately the DVLA sting you for £25 if you didn't get the new keeper slip off the old V5C.

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By stinkwheel
Looks fine, that'll clean up no bother.

As per the original owners manual, if you brush everything down with praffin and a soft paintbrush then rinse off with cold water, it's amazing how well the alloy comes back up again to a dull patina without having to polish anything.

I'd check the oil's circulating, give it some fresh fuel, charge the battery, evict any mice from the air filter and have a go. It'll probably fire up fine. Once it's somewhat warm, do an oil and filter change.
By Dansey
So I have been tatting tonight.. Still not got her going as the battery is not holding any sort of charge and the local shop was without the battery I needed it seems. While at it, I have invested in new plugs and oil as regardless I will need these.

However, I have pulled the oil this evening and my gosh it smells of fuel. The filter looks horrific and certainly in need of a change so adding that to the list too.

There also seems to be a lot of play on the throttle cable which makes a clicking noise when being located into back into the housing. On close inspection it seems to be slipping the groove inside. All needs taking apart but struggling with screw heads so not exactly winning at the moment..

The other end of the cable inside the carb is no easier to access with the top of the VM28 holding on for dear life..

Happy days..
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By stinkwheel
Apply some gentle heat to the lid of the carb with a hairdrier or even hot/boiling water (with it off the bike) and it should undo with a minimum of effort. Not a naked flame for obvious reasons.

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