By Col Fawcett-Holme
Had my Interceptor for about 3 months now, only covered about 400 miles due to our terrible weather recently. I have to say having owned many other bikes over the years I bloody love it. I have noticed however on the last couple of rides in the recent cooler weather after about 20 mins the clocks have started misting on the inside. It's not terrible, although I have only been out for about an hour, but it is very noticeable. Has anyone else suffered from this and is it a warranty issue. The dealer is about an hour and a half away and I don't want to hump all the way there for them to say " yea they all do that" or some other we're not interested response. The bikes garaged and hasn't really been out in the rain. I have washed it but not with a pressure washer only a garden hose. Any thoughts?
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By Presto
Currently the atmosphere is heavy with moisture and when this damp air comes into contact with the cool glass of your instruments the moisture will condense. (Sorry, can't help it - I mean stating the obvious!).

As these instruments are not hermetically sealed some condensation would seem to be unavoidable in our temperate climate.

I suspect that condensation on the inner surface of instrument glasses is as claimable as mud under the mudguards and carbon in the combustion chamber. :)
By Col Fawcett-Holme
You're not a dealer are you :lol: I understand the science but never had it before on any bikes even on an ancient Moto Guzzi V35 that I used to ride all winter. Just a bit surprised on a brand new bike.
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By stinkwheel
I wouldn't consider it normal or usual.

Of all the motorcycles I've owned and used in all kinds of weather, only one has a problem with misting clocks and that's my 612 bullet but since it's a £15 ebay special of doubtful provenance, I'm letting that slide.

My 350 bullet was parked outside uncovered for its first three years, is used year round and has been to 6 Dragon Rallies, it doesn't have a misted up clock.
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By Presto
I can agree with the comment that some do and some don’t. Like SW I’ve also had both outcomes on various bikes I’ve owned.

All I’m trying to say is that it’s not something I’d class as a ‘fault’ - provided that it clears after a while and doesn’t occur in the height of summer.

If a warranty claim was accepted I’d expect the problem to recur in similar conditions.

But it'd be worth hearing of the experience others have had with what I'd regard as a fairly common occurrence.
By Breezin
I have a little bit of misting on occasion, at the bottom of the speedo. It goes away when the air clears.
I'm not sure if this is related to the fact that the bike is often sitting in its shed for 3 or 4 days at a time.
I'm monitoring it. If it gets worse, I have 2 1/2 years left on my warranty.
By Dave 535
I have a Gt 535 and had the same problem last year. After 9 weeks of hot lockdown weather the problem seems to have rectified it's self for now. I asked my local bike shop and he said it happens to some Ducati bikes but if it clears not to worry.
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By Leon Novello
If the misting is really bad, I saw on a recent Wheeler Dealers show, where the Range Rover Ed was rebuilding, had two tubes from the fog lights to the atmosphere. This allows air to circulate through the light housing, removing condensation. Possibly tubes the size for fish tank aerators would fit , but the holes would need careful drilling. :idea:

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