By Cockney190
Has anyone discovered where you can buy ORANGE CRUSH paint. My dealer is unable to help.
By Cockney190
Do you know something I don't?
Orange Crush is unique to the Interceptor I think. Of course I've tried Hitchcocks but maybe I'm looking in in the wrong place as the only paint I can find listed for an Interceptor is engine paint.
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By Chris [Stockport]
No, I don't think I know anything you don't :? Just thought if you ring them.... and they're very helpful.... they might point you in the right direction.
Hi, try RS Paints, if you can get the colour code from RE , they should be able to mix for you.
By Cockney190
Thank you Steve. I did try RS Paints previously but I did not have a code. I will try via Eddy's (again) from whom I bought the bike.
Ps HITCHCOCKS can't help with this but are looking into it.
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By Rushour
Don't Halfords advertise they will match any colour if you take a part in? I may be wrong but worth an ask ...
By klutz
From Unofficial Royal Enfield community forum -
Orange Crush: RAL Code: RAL 2000; PANTONE 7579 C
Cannot vouch for accuracy
By Cockney190
Nice one. Looked on a couple of websites and compared the Ral 2000 with Pantone 7579c.
Ral2000 looks more like it so I will be going into my local paint suppliers with that info on monday and see what they come up with.
PS I've got the tank off now to adjust the tappets so I might just take that along with me plus a NO SMOKING SIGN!
Thanks a lot

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