By Mike Barker
Hi everyone
Please could anyone tell me what the correct distance should be between the upper suspension mounts on a 1951 500 twin frame.
By RoSy
I think you need to supply a bit more information before you will get a knowledgeable reply, " correct distance should be between the upper suspension mounts on a 1951 500 twin frame" ??
By Adrian
Seems a reasonable question to me, I assume you mean the distance between the inner faces of the shock absorber top mounts?

Here's a thought. The swinging arm for the 51 twin and the 51 Bullet have the same part no., which suggests the sub-frame of the Bullet and twin are the same. Give our hosts a ring, as they have a used '51 Bullet frame in stock, it does look VERY similar to the twin frame, maybe they might measure it for you.

By RoSy
Yes a reasonable question, but you had to assume because of the lack of information, and an answer still wasn't given and Mike I assume is still none the wiser. I'm trying to be helpful as there was no replies.
By Mike Barker
Hi RoSy & Adrian
Thanks for your replies
Adrian you are correct it is the distance between the inside faces of the shock mounts.

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By Rushour
I note that the 1951 500 frame is now sold - if it helps it seems to be a stock measurement on my 53 Bullet / 52 700 Meteor / 56 Twin - all measure 8 1/2"
By Adrian
I suspect that the Indian Bullet frame isn't far off that either. I will check my Electra in a mo.

By John-M
The rear suspension mounts on the Indian frames are 6mm wider than the English frames on each side.
If you look at the Indian mounts they are offset on the frame tube whereas the mounts on the English frames are central.
By Adrian
Just for comparison, as accurately as I could measure my (2006) Electra-X the distance is a little wider than the early Redditch @ 8&11/16" or 220mm. I also had a quick look at a late (1961) Redditch frame, seems to be nearer 9 1/4".


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