By Voxnut

I'm in California, and I've been offered a large pile of parts that would build most of a CO. The only major part missing is the girder forks. I guess my questions are - how difficult is it to source the correct forks in the UK? It is pretty much impossible here in the States. I see the Indian made ones on eBay all the time, but I'm a bit suspect to go that route, unless there are folks here that can vouch that the quality is reasonable to allow them to be put to use safely.

Other than that, are there any other fork options available? Model G or J? or is it difficult to adapt Bullet forks and have that be a reasonable option?

All the best,
Dean Seavers
Sacramento, CA
By Super45
Some currently available on ebay uk but not cheap and not guaranteed to be for the right bike so you would need to spoeak to the seller

but they aren't cheap at £399 or $511 USD

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