By sumway88
Hi folks,

Hope you lads and lasses can give me some general apologies in advance if this post rambles on a bit.

I'm thinking about getting into classic motorcycles and learning what makes them tick and how to look after them and maybe getting hands on stripping and fettling etc

I think it's mainly spurred on by seeing a friends father finally restore a beza B31 to its former glory....what a smashing looking machine it is.

I have spotted a RE Model G from 1952 coming up for auction at the H&H national motorcycle museum (lot number 66).

It looks like a very nice machine. I going bonkers ? Secondly... what's the overall spares availability like for model Gs ? Also, are there any UK based owners clubs that could support me in this ? And finally is a machine like this a suitable bike for a novice to get stuck in with ?

Your guidance and advice is greatly appreciated.
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By Adrian
Are you going bonkers?

I couldn't possibly comment.

What's the overall spares availability like for model Gs?

Have a look at our hosts' on-line parts books.

Are there any UK based owners clubs that could support you in this?

Try the Royal Enfield Owners Club

Is a machine like this a suitable bike for a novice to get stuck in with ?

It's a nice, simple four stroke single cylinder bike.

Of course what you COULD do is grab a cheap Indian-built 350 Bullet in need of some love and see how you get on with it, then tackle a UK built Royal Enfield if it encourages you.

By Daiwiskers
First reg in UK may 1999 that may be due to it being imported then or it may have been rebuilt after being found in UK
Why on SORN if in daily use?
Too pretty for me
Warning signs are there for me but you can never tell !
Don't bid too high it may well be a good un
Would I buy it no chance should you buy it? only you know that answer
Myself I would look for a later bike mine is 1962 G2 first registered with the Indian army
Would I recommending buying a bike that had been bodged by Indian mechanics for 50 years again no chance (my Mrs bought mine for my 60th birthday)
To be honest I would look at the classifieds on here you then have a good chance of getting a well sorted bike
Buy with you're head not your heart and you should be OK
Cheer's Dai
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By stinkwheel
There's an early Indian bullet for sale on this forum which appears to be mechanically sound but cosmetically a bit tatty.

To me that would make a much better "project" bike for a newbie. Plenty for you to do with it but you're starting from a good place of having a running motorcycle. Probably better because there is a lot of room for sensible improvement and tidying up.

Much cheaper and it will be a very similar riding and maintainance experience.

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By Adrian
You could head on over to ebay and have a look at item no. 303342263027.

A 350 Bullet which looks like it spat back through the carb and set it alight, fortunately the damage was confined to a small area, and the bike looks like an easy fixer-upper with replacement parts available from the seller.


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