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I have an issue that keeps recuring I cannot fathom.

First is oil temp sensor throws an error during warm up. Regardless if I leave it to idle to warm up or ride within a few minutes of start up from cold the ecu throws up an oil temp issue, once cleared it doesn't return until the engine has sat overnight. But every time it does it on cold start.

Second issue is if I run wide open throttle in low rpm u get an error code p1109 which relates to air pressure being out of range of the expected readings. Have checked for a vacuum leak but not found anything.
Anyone have a breakdown of this code for RE?

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By Haggis
Opening the throttle does "open the throttle ".
It's not a fly by wire system.
It has a throttle cable directly connected to the throttle body butterfly.
But , yes the FI should be able to figure out that the revs don't match the throttle position and try its best.
Personally, I would not try to run a wide open throttle at low revs as its my bike and I have a little sympathy for the bottom end.
I have had both these error codes on my bike and have bought a ECU scanner to see what's going on. The air pressure manifold was first at 200 miles, cleared with the code reader and now just as described my MIL comes on regularly with the oil temperature, again cleared with the code reader. My dealer has been informed and suggests bringing it to them when the MIL is lit, to see what the official RE kit diagnoses. He says generic code readers can throw up the wrong code. My dealer is some distance away so will wait for better, warmer weather! My bike has done 520 miles and since its first service with Silkolene oil it has behaved itself. When the MIL is on, the bike does not run any differently. I think the parameters of the voltage ranges of these Euro 5 bikes are very tight to make sure the bikes run lean for the emissions.

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