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By boris
I have a Condor Swiss army motorcycle, 250 cc Honda single motor, 1973. Scruffy old dog. Bought to use while my Classic efi was being repaired , more info on request, I would sell it but rather swap for an equally tatty 250 or 350 RE. Located in Dumfries. £1800 ono
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By Haggis
Condor came with a 350 Ducati engine.
Nice collectable bikes.
I take it someone has retro fitted the Honda motor.?
By boris
Indeed they did have Ducati motor, that`s why mine is cheap !! it has gear lever on the right with a crossover shaftImage
con pass.jpg
con pass.jpg (41.15 KiB) Viewed 10010 times
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By stinkwheel
That one of those twinport 250RS motors? Lovely little engines those.
By KC1961
Is there a prize for recognizing the location? A702 between Elvanfoot and Carronbridge.
By boris
Yes it`s Dalveen Pass and your prize is you can make the first offer !!! are you from the area ?
By KC1961
Just been doing some counting. I've had 16 different brands of bike but never (probably unsurprisingly) a Condor, altho' I have seen one locally, so maybe I should make you an offer. I'm in West Lothian and have been enjoying that road for about the last 30 years, originally on plastic rockets but on much more sedate stuff for the last 20 or so.
By boris
Just let me know if you want a contact number, it doesn`t look like there is a pm facility on here ?
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By KC1961
boris wrote:
Tue Jan 18, 2022 11:29 pm
Just let me know if you want a contact number, it doesn`t look like there is a pm facility on here ?
I've no room for anything else just now, I need to think about getting rid of some. I bought a (2nd) Bantam a few months ago, it's in a friends garage which is also ram jam fu' and I haven't see it since it went in there. You've got me beat with your 2nd picture.

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