By Davec
Recently bought a 05 Electra X and having intermittent starting problems.
When the bike wont start I traced this down to no spark.
Changed the plug with no success.
Anyone got any ideas or info on checking the coil and ignition unit.
By Davec
After downloading a wiring diagram finally resolved the problem.
Didn't realise that on the Bullet the bike wont start if the side stand is down. Doh!
That will teach me to read the owner's manual!
By Trifield
Hi sorry too seem a bit Dim I'm new to this site and can't figure how to post a new subject I've just rebuilt a Trifield being a 1962 crusader sport with a 3Ta triumph engine fitted. my alternator is only kicking out 4.5 volts wondering if Enfield India alternator fits UK built bikes? Plus who should I insure with? Know this is not rightway to post but oops
By ericpode
From the forum home page, select either "Technical, Bikes for Sale, or Social/Other" as you think best.

Scroll down the page 'til you see [ +New Topic] box.

As for insurance, I have found Peter James to be competitive and efficient
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By stinkwheel
I suspect the alternator question would be better answered by a Triumph enthusiast?

The high output, 12v lucas stators supplied by our hosts fit both Reddich and Indian bullets providing they have a 2.15/16'' rotor.

But you have a Triumph engine so not sure. Might be worth giving Electrex/Lucas a call to see if they do one?

A quick google suggests there is a degree of interchangeability between some RE parts and your triumph engine. ... -wire.html
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By Adrian
Is your Trifield supposed to be running 6V or 12V?

The Indian Bullet alternators (most pre-2008 models) were basically Lucas copies and are physically interchangeable with the Prince of Darkness items, though the output is probably not quite as good. You can buy them a lot more cheaply than the Lucas items they were copied from, and they will do a reasonable job if you want a budget upgrade, but I think I'd rather fit a Lucas RM21 or Sparx SPX005 alternator if funds permitted. Fancy three-phase alternators are available if you want the electrics to out-perform the rest of the bike...


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